Gift ideas for the environmentally conscious

Presenttips till den miljömedvetne

Do you want to find a gift with a low impact on the climate? A completely organic gift? We dare say that a cloth bag from us is a good idea just in case!

Cloth bag in organic cotton

Here is our original case, available in green, dove blue, black, sun yellow, and natural

The original fabric bag is made of organic, GOTS-certified cotton canvas. Really solid fabric, in other words - and the entire chain from cultivation to weaving, manufacturing and transport is controlled by the industry's toughest certification. The certification looks after more than just the material, all the working environment is also included and fair wages. Back to the cloth bag then, it is wide so that the food can fit and you avoid the usual cloth bags without a bottom which get full immediately. It also has double handles so you can carry it in your hand or on your shoulder - really good when doing your weekly shopping, for example.

Here you can see our fabric bag laid out

Our low tote bag with side pockets is a given companion in the tote bag artillery. It also has dual handles. The side pockets are great for our mesh fruit bags or other important items you want to keep an eye on. The low fabric bag is good for the heavy items. Or when you go to the gym, bring your lunch to work and so on.

The best thing about our cloth bags is that everyone needs them - practical and well-thought-out cloth bags that last a long time and hold the goods in an appropriate way, whether it's a gift for the eco-geek, the nature lover, mum or dad.

organic gift tip

Our original fabric bag with print by the illustrator Josefin Norlin

Our super cute cat that urges everyone to start reusables is an appreciated gift for the environmentally conscious! Available in green and natural. To put together a nice set for the gift, you can choose, for example, a fabric bag and some fruit bags. We have fruit bags in several varieties ; recycled PET, organic cotton or the environmentally friendly jute net bag. For this we have our removable POCKET to keep track of the fruit bags. We think many people would be happy with such a set. Good luck in your search for an environmentally conscious gift!

reusable bag mesh bag jute

Net bag for fruit in 100% jute


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