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The story of how OMOM started

written by founder Linda Lindh


It was during 2014 that the journey towards OMOM began. I was tired of hauling home small plastic bags from the store that at best were reused at some point and at worst were put straight in the recycling. I wanted to make something that replaced the disposable bag, for myself.


The solution was some small bags in tulle that I sewed. The feeling that filled me at the first attempt was one of great satisfaction. I bring a bag that can be washed and used over and over again! So simple! And the response was great. Every time (!) we shopped, someone came up and curiously wondered what kind of clever little bags we put the fruit in. Even the checkout staff smiled at us, asked what it was and thought it was a brilliant idea .

Mesh bag fruit bag organic
Organic mesh bag for fruit

Soon I was sewing fruit bags for friends and acquaintances and I began to understand that this was a habit that more people wanted to adopt. After a few months I had gathered enough courage and at the beginning of 2015 I started the brand and company OMOM. The fruit bags were sold every other day from the start!


Eventually, the search for the sustainable producer began as I myself found it difficult to produce bags at the same rate as they were sold. After almost a year, I found my partner in India - a small family business run by a couple with the same focus on organic materials as me. With manufacturing fully certified by GOTS, I felt the confidence needed to start production. They are incredibly talented and I am really happy about our collaboration, which has now lasted for 5 years.


When I initially searched the internet for "reusable bags" no results came up, it's really funny that the word is now used by many and that I have been part of the journey here from the start. Another fun memory is from when I started selling at markets around the country. I then often had to explain what the small net bags were for, many times the customers thought I was selling the vegetables I was displaying! Today, the fruit bags have become a common product that everyone understands and that is fantastic.

Slowly but surely, OMOM's products have become more and more numerous. I start from my own needs when I design new products and there will be more. Our food bag has become very popular since the plastic tax was introduced. Many people have started using reusable bags to avoid paying for plastic bags and being pushed towards more sustainable choices is a good thing I think, regardless of what drives one's changing habits. Old habits are firmly ingrained and getting into a new routine when going shopping can be difficult at first, but you soon get used to it.

Lunch bag with double handles organic cloth bag

Lunch bags with double handles became OMOM's second product

OMOM's basic idea is that it should be simple, safe and stylish to live sustainably.

Being a customer with us should be like being able to hand over all those troublesome questions about what is best in all situations and just trust that we have already looked over the entire chain. Choosing sustainable should also not have to mean that you have to compromise with the aesthetic.


Cloth bags need to be used many times over for it to be seen as a win-win, therefore our motto is:


  • to manufacture them as sustainably as possible with requirements that the durability is correct both in the product and for those who manufacture them.


  • that it is non-toxic - from the time the material is grown until the finished product ends up in the customer's hand.


  • that they are durable bags that last a long time and are also well thought out so that they are really used.


Because the most durable product is the one that is used and can withstand being used.


Also, using a reusable bag is more than just replacing a disposable bag. It's about getting into a mindset of reusing, getting into the habit of bringing your own, planning for when you're going out, bringing that bottle of water and cloth bag. And there I think that OMOM's slightly more well-thought-out lunch bag and small fruit bags can be helpful. With OMOM's reusable bags, we together save thousands of disposable bags every year!

ABOUT founder Linda Lindh

OMOM's founder Linda Lindh

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Our cotton bags are GOTS CERTIFIED, what does that mean?

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and is an international label that sets social and environmental requirements. Gots is a label that looks at the whole, taking into account both environmental and social responsibility. The cultivation must be without pesticides and artificial fertilizers and no chemicals may be used during production. Requirements are placed on the working conditions, including that the workplace must be safe and hygienic and that the employees have a weekly rest and receive a living wage. The factories are also visited regularly.

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Our company name is Lindh & Lindh Group AB

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