IKEA bag in organic cotton

IKEA-kasse i ekologisk bomull

Do you recognize the shape? There are many of us who like the functionality of an IKEA case. OMOM has made an ecological, beautiful and plastic-free version that you can use with a clear conscience. Because how often do we not just need to easily throw together big bulky things and take them with us in the car? Now you can do it without plastic.

Pack the whole family's swimwear, winter overalls or perhaps the laundry? We have seen these nice bags as stuffed animal storage/toy storage in the children's room as well.

Double handles to carry in the hand or on the shoulder, ergonomic and good! The handles continue down onto the box, here there is an option for extra storage. Side compartments on both short sides of the fabric bag for smart storage of things you want easily accessible.

This fabric bag in IKEA bag form has already become a popular product with us. It will also come in blue soon.


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