Net bag for pram

Nätpåse nätkasse till barnvagn netbag stroller

Finally, we can launch our nice net bag for prams!

Net bag for pram net bag
It is organic and GOTS-certified, which means that the material is beautiful, but also that the grower and craftsman have received a living wage, and that transport and packaging are also certified sustainable!
The net box for prams is universal and made for single prams. It has already become a favorite at our house where it sits on a Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle. Absolutely lovely to have some extra clothes, a blanket, some snacks in it.
The mesh bag has four wooden buttons that you thread around the parts of the stroller, top and bottom. Very nice not to have it hanging by the legs. I have seen the net box sit very well on both front-facing and rear-facing carts.
At the bottom of the mesh bag is a thinly woven organic cotton fabric to prevent small items from slipping through the sparse mesh.


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