Low tote with side pocket

The low tote is, as the name reveals, lower than our usual tote. Many people use our tote bags for more than just weekly shopping - yes, we do that too!

But it is also well made to carry with lunch and a change to work, pack for a picnic or training. A slightly more luxurious tote bag with a stylish design that makes it something different from the usual one. Straight lines - minimalist design. User-friendly with dual handles so you can carry in your hand or on your shoulder.

A good way to use it is to take the heavier food items in this bag and the slightly lighter items in our original cloth bag, which is a little bigger. Then you reduce the risk of packing too heavily.

A tote that is made to last for many, many years. Made in a nice way - for the environment where the cotton grows and for the people who grow and manufacture the products.

The fabric bag is available in 7 colours: natural, black, green, dove blue, sun yellow, stripe mint and pink.