Large tote bags

A really stylish and organic huge bag! The size is similar to the popular blue plastic bags you might buy at IKEA, and our large tote bag has double handles and side pockets on both sides.

If only those large and practical plastic bags from IKEA and other department stores were nice to look at and plastic-free, thought OMOM's designer... And here is the result. Such a perfect size to throw "everything" down and then into the car. Or use it for the laundry, for the trip, for the big shopping and so on.

Wash at 30 degrees and air dry. One of our most popular products since the launch in winter 2021.

Completely organic and nicely made, which means that the cultivation and the material are made in an ecological and non-toxic way. In addition, everyone in manufacturing has a living wage and not just the minimum wage, which is otherwise common in the textile industry. A living wage means that you can live on a single salary - instead of having to work more than full time.

Available in green, natural, black and dove blue, yellow. All the fabric bags are dyed at a GOTS-certified dye house, which means, among other things, a non-toxic environment for the craftsmen. The colors may differ slightly from different dye baths.

Use with advantage together with our small fabric bags for good organization.