Sustainable business in the pandemic

Hållbara tygpåsar
When India imposed its first strict social closure, a so-called lockdown, last year, images spread of how many millions of workers began walking home to their villages from the cities where they worked. Not only workplaces stood still, but also trains and buses. In one day hundreds of millions of workers were placed in no man's land and for them no production meant no income.

Lockdowns in India have come and gone during the devastating time of the pandemic but there is a light in the darkness.🕯

Our partners in India have had to be completely closed, of course, like everyone else for periods, the craftsmen have also often only been able to work 25%. Delayed products, delayed launches, lack of communication to our dealers is what our company has suffered - in light of how it has been for so many people in India, it seems like nothing.

🕯Back to the light. We are proud and happy about this - during the entire time of the pandemic, OMOM's craftsmen have received 100% salary and no one, NO ONE has lost their work. And that - have you been a part of when you have bought reusable bags and cloth bags from us. 💛

There are companies that are run with heart and we are so lucky to partner with one in India.


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