Net bag for fruit jute 2 pcs

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Net bag for fruit in 100% natural jute.

Use these fruit bags to put your fruit and vegetables in the store, carry them home, wash occasionally and repeat. Yay!

Wash the net bags by hand and hang them to dry. The fruit bags are of very high quality and will last for many years.

  • Color: Natural jute
  • Material: 100% jute, the string is also made of jute
  • Sold completely without packaging
  • Made in India
  • Size: Choose between small mesh bag, between mesh bag and large mesh bag
  • We pack all our shipments completely without plastic
  • Dimensions: Small 18 x 21 cm, Medium 26 x 32 cm, Large 32 x 38 cm

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Why is jute environmentally friendly?

  • Fast growing and no waste

Jute is a natural fiber that belongs to the mallow family. Mallow plants are a subtropical fast growing species and it can be harvested often as it matures in 120 days. The entire plant is also used when the fabric is manufactured.

  • Not affected by pests

And therefore does not need to be sprayed

  • Withstands monsoon weather and enriches the soil

Jute can be grown during the monsoon season in e.g. India or Bangladesh, when basically nothing else grows. The farmers rotate crops and grow crops, rice and jute on the same land. As the jute grows, the soil is enriched so that it does not need to be fertilized when the crops and rice are then to be grown.

  • Strong fiber

Long shelf life, you can use the fruit bags many, many times.

  • Degradable

Since it is a 100% natural fiber, the mesh bag will rot if it ends up in nature.