Net bag for stroller

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Nice, beautiful and practical net bag for pram. It attaches to the pram's handle using the most beautiful wooden buttons you can imagine! Have it attached to all four corners or just the ones at the top.

Anyone who has been responsible for a child in a pram at some point knows that - for a successful ride, packing is required. Lots of packing. The more the better! With this net bag that you hang on the handle of the stroller - you get some extra stuff with you (the doll, the ball, the stick, the smoothie, the blanket, the fruit, the favorite rock). Because it is attached in all 4 corners, it is not in the way when you walk forward.

The netting is sewn with 10 cm. dense organic cotton at the bottom. So that no valuable treasure you promised to bring home disappears through the net.

Material: 100% organic cotton - GOTS certified & 4 beautiful and durable wooden buttons

Dimensions: 44 x 45 cm, of which 10 cm in the lower part is sewn with dense organic cotton. Universal!